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Top 10 Pharma Analytics Companies in Europe - 2020


Today, data is continuously generated by the proliferation of various sources such as personal medical devices, wearables, social media, electronic health records, and more. With such an extensive amount of data traffic in the arena, organisations are leveraging analytics to extract critical insights from their data and enhance their decision-making. For instance, analytics are helping pharma firms in strategising the intent of the patient to real world results, enabling proactive detection of treatment and prescription patterns, as well as driving an intellectual patient care journey via operational excellence. At the same time, actionable insights obtained from the data sets can also be used to create new products, enhance customer experience, and improve operational efficiencies. Now technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning – is poised to offer new ways of analysing and processing data, allowing the pharmaceutical industry’s use of analytics to step up a gear.

In light of these developments, the current pharma and life sciences space is witnessing a surge in analytics solution providers that offer innovative solutions to realise a myriad of benefits. Currently, the marketplace is brimming with offerings for licensing evaluation, market entry analysis, pharmaceutical forecasting, pricing analysis, and more. And as pharma organisations have many options to choose from, they often face the challenge of choosing the vendor that caters to their data analytics need.

In this edition, Pharma Tech Outlook has shortlisted the best-of-breed pharma analytics solution providers and services to guide organisations across Europe in harnessing the power of analytics to tackle today’s data challenges and increase their revenue potential. With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories, the featured companies are continually proving their mettle in the pharma and life sciences landscape. We hope this issue of the Pharma Tech Outlook helps you to register growth and create better revenue streams.

We present to you, Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Pharma Analytics Companies in Europe – 2020.”

    Top Pharma Analytics Companies in Europe

  • Founded in 2017, Gene2info was established with the aim to leverage innovations made in the fields of genetics and bioinformatics and accelerate the genetic diagnostic process, especially for rare diseases. The company has achieved this with its specialised diagnostic kits supported by genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) bioinformatics. They also provide functional solutions for fundamental analysis, clinical evaluation, and complex interpretation of big genetics data, which is generated by next-generation sequencing (NGS)

  • Kaizen for Pharma offers and customizes solutions designed to support the go-to-market journey to manage every possible business challenges that one may encounter. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pharma Commercial Excellence to increase field team's performance, Kaizen for Pharma effortlessly paints the picture that helps companies to understand what is going on. Effectively, Kaizen for Pharma's pragmatic approach via AI algorithms allows combining different metrics from different data sources to uncover hidden patterns and tell the story in simple language

  • Based out of Sweden, Pharmetheus advances MIDD by helping pharmaceutical companies to design and augment their clinical studies with relevant data from other similar experiments. Pharmatheus helps its clients access the necessary knowledge regarding a particular drug and drive better clinical decisions, using data from a multitude of sources—be it similar past projects, ongoing research, or academic papers. In collaboration with its scientific advisors from Uppsala University, Pharmetheus uses cutting-edge tools and methodologies to enable fit-for-purpose deliverables for its clients. The company offers dedicated data programming support and has developed systems, processes, and tools to accommodate the dynamic nature of the drug development organisations and enable expeditious delivery of even the largest projects

  • Agfa


    The Agfa-Gevaert Group develops, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of analogue and digital imaging systems and IT solutions, mainly for the printing industry and the healthcare sector, as well as for specific industrial applications. The Agfa-Gevaert Group strives to be the partner of choice for imaging and information systems in all the markets in which it operates. The company does this by offering leading edge technology, affordable solutions and innovative ways of working, based on its in-depth understanding of the businesses and the individual needs of its customers. To succeed, investing in innovation and delivering top quality solutions are key

  • Analytics Engines

    Analytics Engines

    Powered by advanced technologies, Analytics Engines are the trusted data analytics partner to local and international customers across industry and the public sector. The company’s collaborative, creative team empowers organisations with market-leading data-driven insights that reduce complexity, optimise performance and build intelligence. Specialists in data integration, data management, machine learning, AI, advanced analytics and visualisations, Analytics Engines offers complete end-to-end solution capability, software IP for rapid development of data analytics solutions, a culture of innovation and new technology adoption and deep experience in devising scalable and flexible solutions that solve complex business challenges

  • Evidera


    Evidera is a business within Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC, (PPD) a leading global contract research organization (CRO), and is the preeminent provider of evidence-based solutions to demonstrate the real-world effectiveness, safety, and value of biopharmaceutical and biotechnology products from early development through loss of exclusivity. We provide integrated scientific expertise and global operational capabilities to help you generate the evidence needed to optimize the market access and commercial potential of your products. Evidera was acquired by PPD in 2016 and originally created in 2013 as an independent company under the ownership of Symphony Technology Group following the acquisition of long-standing health economics, outcomes research, market access, epidemiology, and data analytics practices from United BioSource Corporation (UBC)

  • Genevia Technologies

    Genevia Technologies

    Genevia Technologies is a Finnish CRO specialized in delivering diverse bioinformatics solutions. The company was founded in 2011 as a spin-off enterprise by a group of computational systems biology researchers from Tampere University of Technology, in Tampere, Finland. Over a course of 15 years, Genevia's team has built up an extensive experience in analyzing and integrating various microarray, next-generation sequencing and proteomics data. The company have also been developing and applying systems biological and mathematical modeling techniques on a wide range of applications from bacterial metabolomics to genomics of human cancers. Genevia amis to facilitate the use of high-throughput genetic measurements and biological big data in life science companies and research institutions

  • GenomeScan


    Founded by research scientists and entrepreneurs in 2002, GenomeScan is a privately-owned company based in Leiden, The Netherlands. GenomeScan is a leading and innovative company in the field of genetic analyses. The company’s mission is to partner with hospitals, academic institutions, and global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to accelerate disease diagnostics and prediction, support clinician decision making, and improve the quality of life for patients suffering from genetic disorders. GenomeScan truly understands customers’ needs and develops tailored solutions. The company combines in-house expertise with a close collaboration with clinical experts from the prestigious Erasmus Medical Center and Leiden University Medical Center to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide range of research methodologies and data-analysis and -interpretation relevant to clinical practice

  • Genuity Science

    Genuity Science

    Genuity Science is a contract genomics and data-sourcing, –analytics and –insights organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA with offices in Dublin, Ireland and Reykjavik, Iceland. Genuity partners with global biopharma companies to offer deep end-to-end discovery services aimed at catalyzing precision health and improving the quality of life for patients around the world. Services include population-scale, disease-specific data sourcing, high-quality sequencing, robust statistical analysis and software tools for analyzing large datasets and artificial intelligence (AI). The company operates an advanced CAP genomics laboratory in Dublin, Ireland and is deeply committed to data stewardship and data governance across its global offices



    Intellishore helps organizations deliver successful digital transformations, turning data into insights through a seamless combination of strategic, technical and analytical support. Intellishore was founded in 2013 to help organizations deliver successful digital transformations, turning data into insights through a seamless combination of strategic, technical and analytical support. Today, the company houses more than 25 skilled, entrepreneurial and passionate individuals from many different backgrounds including strategy consulting, business intelligence, IT and data science. The teams are cross-disciplinary, and they always address people and data challenges in parallel. Intellishore has succeeded in making BI operational through solid engagement with the business, leading to sound prioritization and buy-in from the management